Job Overview

At Art of Drawers, the Designers are the lifeblood of the company. They turn the frustration and problems that our clients have with their living spaces into a powerful enjoyment of their home. Designers are the salespeople of Art of Drawers, and they focus on the real issues that people are trying to solve, not on selling a product that people don’t need. Designers conduct in-home consultation appointments with potential clients that want to get the advice, design, and expertise of a designer.

Because of our training and the supportive team environment, the job of designing isn’t challenging, but the ability to help people and make a difference through selling is tangible. Designers are smart, hard-workers who understand how to treat people with respect and dignity. Most of all, they are committed to helping people and building a great business.

Designers earn a commission for all sales generated, and no experience in design is needed. We provide ample training (products, design process, etc.), and the key qualities of a designer is a commitment to helping people through educating them on the products and possibilities that make up Art of Drawers’ services.

Key Duties and Responsibilities

  • Conduct in-home design appointments.
  • Upload leads, orders, estimates, and client designs promptly.
  • Take client deposits from each sale.
  • Attend and participate in designer training and ongoing training from their Sales Director.