Job Overview

A Territory Marketing Agent (TMA) is an independent contractor hired by Art of Drawers to help spread awareness of our brand and services to the community by participating in events and creating business relationships with potential referral partners.


  • Research local areas for shows and events that would be a good fit for Art of Drawers to participate in.
  • Plan, coordinate, and staff small shows with a booth fee of $500 or less.
    • Our TMA will propose which show they would like to attend, and Art of Drawers will submit payment for application if approved.
    • Create a team of Event Partners to work at the shows.
    • Ensure the proper supplies are available and reserved for the show dates.
    • Communicate with the Art of Drawers team about which shows you will run so we may maintain a calendar of events.
    • Participate in larger-scale home shows coordinated by Art of Drawers as an event partner.
    • Develop and maintain relationships with other businesses to create Referral partners for Art of Drawers.


  • TMA will be paid $100 for every appointment they book that runs, whether it comes from an event or referral partner.
  • If an appointment yields a sale, the TMA will receive an additional:
    • $50 from home show appointments, or
    • 5% of the total sale from referral partner appointments
    • (TMA is responsible for paying any event partners that may work events with them)
  • TMA will receive a bonus of $100 for every event partner added to their team once their contact information is shared with Art of Drawers. Event partners recruited by TMAs will also be eligible for hire by Art of Drawers for larger shows.