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Bathroom Solutions

Custom Drawers and Shelves for Maximum Access and Organization

Bathroom Solutions

Bathroom Access, Organization, and Storage

Your bathroom should be a space where you can prepare for your day in peace or melt away your stresses before bed. Art of Drawers turns a cluttered, disorganized bathroom into a place that inspires joy. Through custom pull-out shelves, organizers, and lighting, we can make your daily routine something you look forward to.


Make Your Bathroom a Place to Relax

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Begin Designing a Bathroom that Brings You Joy!

Whether you’re applying makeup, grooming, or taking a luxurious bubble bath, the design of your bathroom makes all the difference between feeling rushed and frustrated and feeling confident and relaxed.

After a long day, nothing should get in the way of a little self-care. Unfortunately, a cluttered and disorganized bathroom can do exactly that. Digging through products, knocking over bottles, and searching for that one thing you know you bought while finding something you forgot you had is not a very pleasant way to start or end your day.

Art of Drawers’ customized organization and storage solutions can fix all of that. We can take your existing bathroom and turn it into a den of relaxation—a place that you’ll want to go to escape.

When everything in your bathroom is easily accessible, it can change the whole mood. And who knows, you may find yourself inspired to indulge in a little more self-care.

Store All of Your Bath Essentials

Most bathroom cabinets and drawers are full of unused space. One of the most common storage areas in bathrooms is under the sink, where there’s just one large cabinet. This area is usually hard to organize because plumbing gets in the way of everything. Without the right organizational system in
place, you end up with a lot of wasted space and dark spots in the back you’ll never use.

Another common space in a bathroom that can be a source of frustration is deep drawers that are almost impossible to properly organize. Art of Drawers offers multiple types of custom-built drawer organizers that can solve this problem and restore order.

By working with one of our Design Artists to create a cabinet and drawer system built with your bathroom space in mind, you can increase your storage space by up to 50% and feel good about opening that bottom cabinet again.

Adding in pull out drawers and other organization solutions will allow you to:

  • have complete access to everything you need.
  • more easily access bathroom items for elderly and disabled individuals.
  • spend less time getting ready for work, bed, or a night out.
  • have a place for everything and keep everything in its place.
  • save money by not buying bathroom products you already have.
  • bring joy and relaxation back to your bathroom!

Bathroom Organization Solutions

Adding customized drawers and cabinet organizers to your existing bathroom cabinets will remove negative space. This effectively increases available space by up to 50%. And who doesn’t want more space in their bathroom?

The more organization and storage space you have, the more you’ll be able to make all of your bathroom supplies and tools easily accessible.

Pull Out Drawers

To maximize the use of vertical space, we use pull-out drawers that increase accessibility and storage space in existing cabinets.

Pull-out drawers are a great way to organize everything in your bathroom. These custom-built sliding shelves allow you to see everything inside your cabinets while eliminating the frustrations that come along with a dark, deep cabinet.

Because you’ll be able to see everything that you own by sliding out the shelf, you’re less likely to knock over bottles, lose things, and let products expire. You’re also less likely to buy something you already own, saving you money in the long run. Since cabinets are the most common type of storage system in bathrooms, we have perfected the art of organizing them to make everything you need to get ready or wind down more accessible.

Under the Sink U-Shaped Drawer

The wide cabinet under the sink is a source of frustration for many of our clients. Not only does this area have awkward plumbing to deal with, but there is also a ton of wasted vertical space. But as most people are aware, the undersink cabinet has a lot of potential when it comes to storage space.

That’s why Art of Drawers has designed an under-the-sink glide out drawer system that not only works around the existing plumbing, it also maximizes vertical space.

This system is a u-shaped drawer that, like all of our products, is custom-made to measure from fine woods that fit our client’s cabinets perfectly.

Drawer Dividers

Next to cabinets, drawers are the second most common storage space in most bathrooms.
These drawers can easily become cluttered, especially since bathroom essentials are often small, awkwardly shaped, or sharp.

But with Art of Drawers custom drawer dividers, items like hair ties, razors, scissors, and combs all have their own place. Your existing drawers probably have no rhyme or reason for their current organization. But that can be a thing of the past. Installing drawer dividers can help you separate your drawers into different zones, such as makeup, hair products, skincare, grooming necessities, and more.

Art of Drawers’ custom wood dividers allows you to see everything that’s inside your drawer at once, without the clutter and mess.


Contact Art of Drawers to Turn Your Bathroom into a Sanctuary

Your Art of Drawers team is ready to turn your bathroom frustrations into a sanctuary that is a joy to spend time in. With our custom solutions, we will increase accessibility, restore organization, and improve storage in your bathroom.

The Art of Drawers team works alongside our customers to design the bathroom storage of their dreams. Our organization systems are built by American manufacturers using high-quality materials and installed by friendly and knowledgeable Art of Drawers team members.

Everything we do, from the beginning to the end, has an Elation Guarantee! Contact Art of Drawers today to see how we can turn your bathroom frustrations into everyday joy.

You can contact us by calling 770-800-8410.

Have more questions about Art of Drawers and how it all works?

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The experience was excellent from my first phone inquiry through to follow up. The designer was knowledgeable and patient. Her vision helped me see the space in my cabinet pantry differently. The pull out drawers were ready for installation within the projected timeline. The installer was efficient and respectful of my home. The installation was completed without a hitch. I appreciated their follow up visit to see the completed project and to answer any questions. I highly recommend this company and their work.

Joyce P.

Thank goodness for discovering Art of Drawers! We recently downsized and found ourselves with an itty-bitty pantry and limited cabinet space. After a family referral, we contacted AOD for an estimate. From start to finish, they were completely professional.

Karen R.

We are so pleased to have pantry drawers to fit our needs exactly as wevhad envisioned. Downsizing meant less storage space so it helped tremendously to turn this kitchen pantry under a staircase into pull out drawers. It is still a walk-in pantry too! Thank you and we highly recommend this organizational and storage need to everyone.

Sue C.

After having my installations complete for about a month, I can say I love them and thoroughly enjoy the efficiency of the space. My pantry, main lower cabinets, and under sink area are so easy to access and organized.

Andrea S.

Art of Drawers was crucial in more than doubling my usable cabinet and open pantry space. They are 100% custom-made so they are tailored for your specific needs. Their customer service exceeded every expectation. This is a high-yield kitchen remodel with a minimal investment. I highly recommend it!

Carolina P.

They came out and assessed our bathroom storage situation, asked a lot of questions and designed the perfect under counter drawers for us! Art of Drawers offers storage solutions for any area in home or office. They have a variety of material colors and can customize the solution as much as want. I would highly recommend Art of Drawers.

Amy L.

This has been a great experience. I am in love with my drawers and my “new” pantry! It has turned my space from barely usable to organized and beautiful! So happy with my purchase!!

Tracy C.

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