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Kitchen Solutions

Custom Drawers and Shelves for Maximum Access and Organization

Kitchen Solutions

Kitchen Access, Organization, and Storage

Our kitchens are where we cook, eat, and gather with our family and friends. For most people the kitchen really is the heart of the home. But if your kitchen is cluttered, messy, and unorganized, you probably dread using that space. Art of Drawers specializes in turning those frustrations into joy by bringing back your kitchen’s function while adding style and organization.


Let Art of Drawers Bring the Joy Back to Your Kitchen

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Begin Designing a Kitchen that Brings You Joy!

From food prep to storage and entertaining to cleanup, Art of Drawers can turn your frustrating and cluttered kitchen into a source of ease and joy.

We help our clients to save time, money, and irritation with our efficient kitchen access and storage systems. We create joyful, inspirational experiences for our clients through our custom-crafted access, organization, and storage solutions.

Each masterpiece is designed to deliver an aesthetically beautiful living space in any room of your home. We achieve this by seamlessly merging the worlds of design and utility to give you a masterpiece that is custom-tailored to suit both your needs and desires.

Everything You Need in Your Kitchen within Reach

When things aren’t accessible in our kitchens, we’re much less likely to use them. This means that expensive appliances collect dust, food expires before we ever get around to eating it, and the things we really need are hard to find or out of mind.

By working with an Art of Drawers Design Artist, your cluttered kitchen can easily be turned into a well-organized, easily accessible dream kitchen.

When your custom kitchen by Art of Drawers is complete, your frustrations will melt away and your kitchen will bring you joy, possibly for the very first time.

Advantages of Reorganizing Your Kitchen with Art of Drawers

An organized kitchen will not only inspire you to cook more, but you’ll also enjoy…
— having complete access to everything within reach.
— saving time on prep, cooking, cleaning, and storing groceries.
— never losing track of anything in your kitchen.
— making your kitchen feel larger and more efficient.
— easier access for aging adults.
— bringing everyday joy back into your kitchen.

Utilizing Our Smooth Flow Workspaces in Your Kitchen

Art of Drawers’ smooth flow workspaces focuses on three elements: space, motion, and workflow. When thought and intention are put into the design of these three zones, they come together to provide greater access, movability, and organization in your kitchen. A smooth flow workplace will not only make your kitchen more enjoyable, but you’ll also be able to cook, clean, and put things away with ease.

Speak with your Design Artist about your personal or family habits so that they can create workspaces that work with you instead of against you.


Increasing the available space in your kitchen will make it easier to organize and store everything in your kitchen for easy access. When space is utilized efficiently, everything becomes easier.

For example, in your pantry, something as simple as the height of your shelves could be significantly limiting your available space. By intentionally redesigning the spaces in your pantry, cabinets, and drawers, you can utilize those spaces in a way that will make everything much more functional.


In any kitchen, motion is crucial. The way someone moves around a spacious kitchen or a small kitchen, all depends on how the kitchen’s motion was designed.

When the emphasis is placed on motion, you’ll be able to find things more easily, limit the amount of movement you have to do, and make prepping, cooking, and cleaning more seamless. When you can limit the amount of reaching, stooping, and lifting you have to do in the kitchen, you can make cooking a joy again.


Workflow is essential in any kitchen because everything we do in that space is a process; there is a goal in mind with deliberate steps in between.


Dividing a Kitchen Into Five Zones

Art of Drawers believes that a well-designed kitchen should be divided into five zones that maximize access to your kitchen essentials. Those five zones are Consumables, Non-consumables, Cleaning, Preparations, and Cooking.

When your kitchen isn’t divided into functional zones, you may find yourself spending more time looking for utensils, trying to find that one ingredient you know you bought, or working around that blender that you never use.

The less time you spend looking for things or working in an inefficient space, the more time you’re able to spend actively using and enjoying your kitchen.


This area is focused on keeping all food ingredients together and well-organized. Slide-out shelves are excellent for food storage.


This zone houses cutlery, glassware, dishware, and storage containers. Slide-out drawers, dividers, and other custom cabinet additions can make this area much neater.


This zone is near the sink and holds cleaning products and tools. In addition to U-shaped slide-outs under the sink, tip out drawers can also add to this space.


This area is for food preparation. Cutting boards, knives, utensils, and other cooking essentials live here. Custom drawer inserts, pull-out cabinet shelves, and tray dividers work wonders here.


This is your space for pots, pans, lids, cookie sheets, and cooking utensils. Drop down shelves can hold heavy items while slide-out cabinet drawers can make finding every pot and pan a breeze.

Kitchen Drawer and Cabinet Solutions

Adding customized drawers and cabinet organizers to your existing kitchen cabinets and pantry will remove negative space. This effectively increases available space by up to 50%. And who doesn’t want a larger kitchen? The more organization and storage space you have, the more you’ll be able to make all of your kitchen tools easily accessible.

Cabinet Storage

Storing pots, pans and countertop appliances becomes so easy and elegant with Art of Drawers pull out solutions. We can keep anything used for baking safe and organized using our custom shelving. Plastic containers and tupperware can also benefit from our solutions.

  • Single Height Drawers
  • Double Height Drawers

Corner Cabinet Solutions

Blind corner cabinets don’t have to be wasted space and lost items. Our solutions offer increased shelf space and optional soft-close. We are bringing more functionality and accessibility out of your cabinets. So ease your knees, back and stress levels and elevate your kitchen storage to the cloud.

Drop Down Drawers

In your drawers, you only use so much of the vertical space. A drop-down drawer within a drawer can help to optimize this space, allowing you to use all of the space in your drawer while having greater access to your kitchen tools.

Under Sink Storage

Art of Drawers can also arrange the space under your sink using U-shaped pull-out drawers to increase your organization. When you maximize vertical space, you take back the area that would normally be lost.

Drawer Dividers

Maple hardwood drawer insert with compartments to store your kitchen cutlery. This tray blends perfectly with any cabinet and can be customized to fit drawers of various dimensions.

Trash and Recycling

To keep your kitchen tidy and clean, we can install a drawer into one of your cabinets that pulls out to house your trash and recycling bins. This gives you back floor space that would otherwise hold your trash and recycling bins. It also keeps your refuse hidden to make your kitchen a more usable space.

Pull Out Cabinet Drawers

This solid wood pull-out system features adjustable shelves mounted directly to the cabinet door for ease of access. Shelves are adjustable and allow you to create up to four storage surfaces, maximizing your available space. 

Flat Item Divider

Reduce counter space and cabinet clutter with our Flat Item Divider. Beautiful, solid wood construction that can be customized to fit any existing cabinet in your space. Great for storing cutting boards, cookie sheets, cooling racks, and more.

Art of Drawers Can Turn Your Frustrations into Joy

At Art of Drawers, we focus on accessibility and functionality to remove the frustrations you may experience in the kitchen. We build and install customized drawer, shelf, and cabinet solutions to bring everyday joy to our customers. Our products are made only with high-quality materials sourced from American producers. We care about your kitchen, and we’re ready to help you discover the joy of your dream kitchen. Our caring and experienced staff of designers and installers are prepared to help you convert chaos into confidence.

Want to know more? Check out our FAQ page.

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The experience was excellent from my first phone inquiry through to follow up. The designer was knowledgeable and patient. Her vision helped me see the space in my cabinet pantry differently. The pull out drawers were ready for installation within the projected timeline. The installer was efficient and respectful of my home. The installation was completed without a hitch. I appreciated their follow up visit to see the completed project and to answer any questions. I highly recommend this company and their work.

Joyce P.

Thank goodness for discovering Art of Drawers! We recently downsized and found ourselves with an itty-bitty pantry and limited cabinet space. After a family referral, we contacted AOD for an estimate. From start to finish, they were completely professional.

Karen R.

We are so pleased to have pantry drawers to fit our needs exactly as wevhad envisioned. Downsizing meant less storage space so it helped tremendously to turn this kitchen pantry under a staircase into pull out drawers. It is still a walk-in pantry too! Thank you and we highly recommend this organizational and storage need to everyone.

Sue C.

After having my installations complete for about a month, I can say I love them and thoroughly enjoy the efficiency of the space. My pantry, main lower cabinets, and under sink area are so easy to access and organized.

Andrea S.

Art of Drawers was crucial in more than doubling my usable cabinet and open pantry space. They are 100% custom-made so they are tailored for your specific needs. Their customer service exceeded every expectation. This is a high-yield kitchen remodel with a minimal investment. I highly recommend it!

Carolina P.

They came out and assessed our bathroom storage situation, asked a lot of questions and designed the perfect under counter drawers for us! Art of Drawers offers storage solutions for any area in home or office. They have a variety of material colors and can customize the solution as much as want. I would highly recommend Art of Drawers.

Amy L.

This has been a great experience. I am in love with my drawers and my “new” pantry! It has turned my space from barely usable to organized and beautiful! So happy with my purchase!!

Tracy C.

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