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Pantry Solutions

Custom Drawers and Shelves for Maximum Access and Organization

Pantry Solutions

Pantry Access, Organization, and Storage

In addition to kitchen cabinets, pantries are the second most common place that Art of Drawers is hired to reimagine. The kitchen pantry can be a place that brings a smile to our face and makes our lives easier, or it can be a chaotic source of frustration. Art of Drawers’ custom-built solutions increase storage, organization, and accessibility with our pull out drawers, dividers, lazy susans, and pull down organizers.
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Create Space for Everything in Your Pantry

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When your kitchen pantry is cluttered it can go from a helpful storage feature to a money put and source of stress. Items can be hard to find, foods expire, and clutter builds up, all because you cannot see or access everything in there. 

Art of Drawers creates customized organization solutions for your pantry that will dissolve those concerns and make your pantry a source of joy. Our solutions create a space for everything so that food isn’t wasted, everything is accessible, and storage is a breeze.

Decrease Clutter in Your Pantry

Clutter is one of the biggest obstacles to a joyful kitchen. Improperly spaced shelves and deep recesses prevent proper organization and leave most people with no choice but to just put things wherever they’ll fit.

This inevitably leads to clutter, the inability to find what you’re looking for, and general frustration every time you go into your pantry for a snack or to prepare a meal. 

When you add pantry organization solutions by Art of Drawers, you maximize your overall space, optimize access, and decrease clutter. With your custom-built drawers and dividers, you’ll be greeted with a neat and organized pantry that will bring you everyday joy and eliminate frustration.

Save Money by Limiting Forgotten Pantry Goods

Another benefit of having an accessible and well-organized pantry is the ability to save money by eliminating wasted and expired food. When you’re able to see everything in your pantry, nothing will go forgotten and end up in the waste bin.

Keep Your Pantry Items Accessible

Organizing your pantry with our custom solutions will allow you to easily access everything you need to cook a meal or grab a snack. Food can now be separated into zones to meet your different needs.

Everything for cooking can be kept together and easily seen. Snacks can be stored on their own shelves so that grabbing a snack is easy for the whole family. And those extra items you store in your pantry, will have a place to call their own Whether you have a reach-in pantry built into the cabinets, a closet pantry, or a walk-in pantry, Art of Drawers has solutions that will make everything more accessible.

Put Away Grocery Items with Ease

Another benefit of an Art of Drawers pantry is that putting away groceries becomes simple and pleasurable. Everything has a place that is easily reached, making it effortless to put away foods without the frustration of hunting for a spot or cramming everything to the back.

Divide Your Pantry Into Accessible Zones

Bring joy to your kitchen pantry by having a place for everything and everything in its place. Art of Drawers’ Design Artists will work with you to determine your household’s needs so that everything in your pantry is accessible and organized, while seamlessly fitting with your home, lifestyle, and budget.

Pantry Organization Solutions

Every household has unique needs. At Art of Drawers, we’ve designed organization solutions for reach-in, closet, and walk-in pantries. We also have solutions for kitchens that do not have a designated pantry, allowing us to turn an unused cabinet into a beautiful pull-out pantry.
The solutions described below are just some of the options we offer to organize your pantry. When you speak to a Design Artist, you will quickly realize however that the options are limitless.


Pull Out Drawers

Pull out drawers are a great way to increase the amount of storage space you have in your pantry. By using pull-out drawers, you can maximize your overall space and reduce unused vertical space by up to 50%. Pull out drawers also make items easier to see, items more accessible, and groceries easier to put away.

Custom Pantry Drawers 1 - Art of Drawers
Custom Pantry Drawers 2 - Art of Drawers

Corner Solutions

Many closet-style and walk-in pantries have wasted space in the corners. Art of Drawers uses a tried-and-true method to eliminate wasted space and increase accessibility: lazy susans. Our lazy susans allow for maximum visibility in any pantry that has corner shelving. No more missing cans or boxes! For those that demand the best, Art of Drawers is proud to offer lazy susans made out of furniture-grade wood and construction.

Pull Down Organizers

Pull-down organizers make storing heavy and rarely used items easy by putting them up high while keeping them perfectly within reach. No more dragging a chair into the kitchen or straining your back to reach that stand mixer. With our revolutionary, hydraulic-assisted pull-down shelving system, all of the items in your pantry are within easy reach.

Custom Pantry Drawers 1 - Art of Drawers
Custom Pantry Drawers 2 - Art of Drawers

Contact Art of Drawers for a Free Design Consultation

At Art of Drawers, we love to help our clients get the pantry of their dreams. We know how frustrating it can be to have an unorganized pantry that is completely nonfunctional. That’s why we offer a multitude of high-quality, well-built solutions that turn frustration into joy, every time you open your pantry door.

At Art of Drawers, we focus on creating storage solutions that work for our customers. We involve you in the process from start to finish to ensure that you’re not only happy with the result, you’re elated.

Our goal is to help you achieve everyday joy in your home through customized access, organization, and storage solutions. Contact Art of Drawers today by calling 770-800-8410 to see how we can help you design the perfect pantry.

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The experience was excellent from my first phone inquiry through to follow up. The designer was knowledgeable and patient. Her vision helped me see the space in my cabinet pantry differently. The pull out drawers were ready for installation within the projected timeline. The installer was efficient and respectful of my home. The installation was completed without a hitch. I appreciated their follow up visit to see the completed project and to answer any questions. I highly recommend this company and their work.

Joyce P.

Thank goodness for discovering Art of Drawers! We recently downsized and found ourselves with an itty-bitty pantry and limited cabinet space. After a family referral, we contacted AOD for an estimate. From start to finish, they were completely professional.

Karen R.

We are so pleased to have pantry drawers to fit our needs exactly as wevhad envisioned. Downsizing meant less storage space so it helped tremendously to turn this kitchen pantry under a staircase into pull out drawers. It is still a walk-in pantry too! Thank you and we highly recommend this organizational and storage need to everyone.

Sue C.

After having my installations complete for about a month, I can say I love them and thoroughly enjoy the efficiency of the space. My pantry, main lower cabinets, and under sink area are so easy to access and organized.

Andrea S.

Art of Drawers was crucial in more than doubling my usable cabinet and open pantry space. They are 100% custom-made so they are tailored for your specific needs. Their customer service exceeded every expectation. This is a high-yield kitchen remodel with a minimal investment. I highly recommend it!

Carolina P.

They came out and assessed our bathroom storage situation, asked a lot of questions and designed the perfect under counter drawers for us! Art of Drawers offers storage solutions for any area in home or office. They have a variety of material colors and can customize the solution as much as want. I would highly recommend Art of Drawers.

Amy L.

This has been a great experience. I am in love with my drawers and my “new” pantry! It has turned my space from barely usable to organized and beautiful! So happy with my purchase!!

Tracy C.

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