Art of Drawers was founded in 2019 and has been reshaping the home improvement industry ever since. We believe in transparency, innovation, and premium service for our customers as well as our staff. We work hard, play hard, and always follow the platinum rule: Treat others the way they want to be treated.
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Job description

Art of Drawers is looking for Part or Full-Time Contract Installation Partners who are craftsmen and know their way around a toolbox, drill, and level.

Company Overview

Art of Drawers creates joyful, inspirational experiences for our clients through custom-crafted pull-out drawers for existing cabinets. By designing and installing pull-out drawers and other organizational solutions, we give our customers more space, more organization, and frustration-free access to the items they use every day. Each masterpiece is designed to deliver aesthetically beautiful living spaces in any room of the home. We achieve this by seamlessly merging the worlds of design and utility to give a masterpiece that is custom-tailored to suit the customer’s needs and desires.

Install Partner Overview

At Art of Drawers, our Install Partners play a critical role in our client experience by bringing to life our custom-designed solutions in the home. Install partners are smart, hard-workers who understand how to effectively and efficiently manage their own schedules and enjoy the hustle of in-home contract work. Always patient and positive, they instinctively present themselves in a professional manner and treat people with kindness and respect. Most of all, they are committed to representing our brand and enjoy helping to build a successful business.

Installers receive a percentage of the net cost of the job which ranges from $40-$80 per hour when fully trained on our process. That means this job is as full-time or part-time as the individual installer wants to make it. We take a “feed them until they’re full” approach to assigning jobs. Installers who have another complementary business/work such as handyman or remodeling will find that contracting with Art of Drawers provides a chance to grow their business through referral work.

To be an installation partner with Art of Drawers you will need your own set of installation tools (basic handyman tools,) your own working vehicle, a valid driver’s license, a working mobile phone, a computer/laptop, and access to the internet.

Key Duties and Responsibilities

  • Call customers to schedule assigned jobs
  • Measure each job prior to ordering the custom product
  • Submit measured jobs for ordering
  • Inspect the quality of each order after receiving it from the manufacturer
  • Perform installation of pullout drawers and accessories, build-out pantries, etc.
  • Ensure customers are thrilled with each installation

This is a job for high-caliber professionals hungry to grow their career and contribute to building a great business. If you care about people and want to help a growing business expand, please reach out to us. We would love to interview you.

Note: We are also hiring part-time, commission-only sales designers. Please reach out to us if you’re interested. Our Install partners are eligible to cross-train as designers. Being a dual designer-installer offers the benefit of making commissions on the front end and back end of a job.

Job Type: Full-time, Part-time, Contract

Pay: $40,000.00 – $100,000.00 per year

Job Overview

At Art of Drawers, the Designers are the lifeblood of the company. They turn the frustration and problems that our clients have with their living spaces into a powerful enjoyment of their home. Designers are the salespeople of Art of Drawers, and they focus on the real issues that people are trying to solve, not on selling a product that people don’t need. Designers conduct in-home consultation appointments with potential clients that want to get the advice, design, and expertise of a designer.

Because of our training and the supportive team environment, the job of designing isn’t challenging, but the ability to help people and make a difference through selling is tangible. Designers are smart, hard-workers who understand how to treat people with respect and dignity. Most of all, they are committed to helping people and building a great business.

Designers earn a commission for all sales generated, and no experience in design is needed. We provide ample training (products, design process, etc.), and the key qualities of a designer is a commitment to helping people through educating them on the products and possibilities that make up Art of Drawers’ services.

Key Duties and Responsibilities

  • Conduct in-home design appointments.
  • Upload leads, orders, estimates, and client designs promptly.
  • Take client deposits from each sale.
  • Attend and participate in designer training and ongoing training from their Sales Director.

Job Overview

A Territory Marketing Agent (TMA) is an independent contractor hired by Art of Drawers to help spread awareness of our brand and services to the community by participating in events and creating business relationships with potential referral partners.


  • Research local areas for shows and events that would be a good fit for Art of Drawers to participate in.
  • Plan, coordinate, and staff small shows with a booth fee of $500 or less.
    • Our TMA will propose which show they would like to attend, and Art of Drawers will submit payment for application if approved.
    • Create a team of Event Partners to work at the shows.
    • Ensure the proper supplies are available and reserved for the show dates.
    • Communicate with the Art of Drawers team about which shows you will run so we may maintain a calendar of events.
    • Participate in larger-scale home shows coordinated by Art of Drawers as an event partner.
    • Develop and maintain relationships with other businesses to create Referral partners for Art of Drawers.


  • TMA will be paid $100 for every appointment they book that runs, whether it comes from an event or referral partner.
  • If an appointment yields a sale, the TMA will receive an additional:
    • $50 from home show appointments, or
    • 5% of the total sale from referral partner appointments
    • (TMA is responsible for paying any event partners that may work events with them)
  • TMA will receive a bonus of $100 for every event partner added to their team once their contact information is shared with Art of Drawers. Event partners recruited by TMAs will also be eligible for hire by Art of Drawers for larger shows.