Just about every homeowner, at one time or another, decides they need to reorganize their kitchen. They may be tired of wasting time and money on things they rarely use or consume, or they simply want a change. They might be getting ready for a major renovation, and they’re trying to come up with the best strategy for their new dream kitchen.

Whether you’re in one of these categories, or you’ve decided the time is right to organize for some other reason, the experts with Art of Drawers will be ready to help. We have a lot of different kitchen solutions that will make this part of your home a pure joy, rather than a hassle. If you’d like to learn more, please give us a call at (770) 800 8410 or contact us online.

There are a lot of different methods you can use to give your kitchen a sense of order, rather than chaos. Here are three of them you might want to consider.

1. The Flow Method

art of drawers - three organizing tips for your kitchen - flowDo you often find yourself zig-zagging across your kitchen when you’re trying to prepare a meal? Are you having to go to one part of the kitchen to grab any pots and pans you need, and then have to go to another to grab your kitchen utensils? If that’s the case, then you might have an issue with the flow. These are just a few suggestions to help improve that flow.

  • Take a seasonal approach – One way to reorganize, and to breathe new life into your kitchen in the process, is to remove obstacles. There are probably a lot of items you only use at a certain time of the year. You might, for instance, only use that huge crock pot around the holidays. Why waste valuable space on things you won’t be using for months to come? You can move those items somewhere else, like your garage, and free up room.
  • Group your spices – Are your spices sitting in a cabinet located far away from the oven? How many times have you made the walk to that cabinet and grabbed some spices, only to have to walk back because you forgot something? Why not set up a spice rack close to the oven? You’ll have a clear view of everything you need, and you won’t have to take those extra steps.
  •  Save your back – The same principle could apply to your dishwasher. If you find that you have to lug dishes or utensils clear across the kitchen after unloading, why not group them near the dishwasher instead? You’ll save a lot of strain on your back, and you won’t have to walk as far.

2. The Zoning Method

Every Kitchen Can be Divided into 5 Design Zones - Cleaning - Art of Drawers Atlanta Georgia Custom Drawer Organization SolutionsYou could also divide your kitchen into different zones, which would also help with flow. Again, the whole point would be to make your kitchen a source of joy. You can get a workout at the gym – you shouldn’t have to break a sweat just to prepare a meal or clean up.

Think about splitting your kitchen into the following different zones to make things a lot easier.

  • Consumables – This will be the place to put your oils, snacks, food and spices. If you have cabinets between your pantry and your refrigerator, make sure those are filled with consumables as well. Extension drawers will be perfect in your consumables area, giving you much easier access to everything.
  • Non-consumables – Your non-consumables zone will include items such as glasses, dishes, plastic containers and similar things. Again, try to get this zone as close to the dishwasher as possible so you can easily put items away once they’re clean.
  • The prep zone – So, you’re getting ready to prepare a fantastic meal for your family. Instead of crisscrossing and backtracking through your entire kitchen, keep your cutting boards, cutting knives, spices and other prep items together.
  • Cooking – As much as you might love to cook, you’ll have even a better time when everything you need is within easy reach. Items in your cooking zone could include pots and pans and cooking utensils.
  • Cleaning – Cleaning is already a chore after the meal is done. Why make it harder on yourself than it needs to be? The most natural place for this zone, of course, will be near the sink. If you have enough room for your cleaning products, store them here. If you don’t, Art of Drawers has plenty of ideas for you to maximize this space.

3. Whatever Works Best for You

art of drawers - three organizing tips for your kitchen - works bestThere is no “one size fits all” approach to kitchen organization. As much as some gurus may try to convince you their way is the only method you should consider, there’s no one answer that works for everyone. Combine the two approaches mentioned above, or explore some other methods that you see online.

Again, there’s no one correct answer. Whatever works for you will be the best option. Even if you want to go outside of the box a little bit, don’t be afraid to get a little wild.

Consider changing your lighting, for example. Takedown some of that artwork in your kitchen so that you can get more out of your wall space. Artwork is awesome, but it would probably work better in some other area of your home. The kitchen is more about utility than aesthetics – or at least it should be if you want it to be as well organized as possible.

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