So, nobody really looks forward to laundry day, right? But if you take a few steps to make your laundry room more functional, you’ll find things will go a lot faster, and a lot easier. Art of Drawers has some information – as well as a whole host of solutions – that will help you do just that. You can learn more by contacting us online or giving us a call at (770) 800 8410.

Here are seven ways you can save space – and save a lot of hassle at the same time.

1. Use Space Behind the Door and Along Walls for Storage

Hanging Cleaning Supplies - Art of Drawers

Just about every room in your home can benefit from over-the-door storage, but this is especially the case in the laundry room. This area of the home might not be as well designed as it could have been, making it hard for you to have enough space to store items such as dryer sheets and laundry detergent.

If this is the case in your home, then you might find an over-the-door organizer invaluable. It can have pockets, hooks, or even have small shelves. Whatever your preference may be, an organizer will help you get the most out of your available storage space.

2. Build a Laundry Basket Organizer

Laundry basket - Art of Drawers

If you have an area that’s wide enough to fit a basket – and tall enough to fit six of them – then you might want to consider having shelving installed in the laundry room. Think about six basket-sized cubby holes stacked on top of each other, with small ledges on each side so each basket can easily slide in and out.

Since you’re going to be washing more easily soiled items, such as whites, more often, make that the lowest basket. Put a towel basket above that, then baskets for your colors, darks and sheets. Finally, you can have a basket for items you either can’t put in the dryer, or items you have to take to the dry cleaner.

3. Label Everything

While this doesn’t necessarily create more space, it will definitely increase efficiency. Putting a label on that jar where you keep your detergent pods, your cleaning products, or anything else will make grabbing what you need much faster. That will help laundry day go much faster as a result.

4. Use a Pegboard

When most people think of a pegboard, the first thing that comes to mind is usually a garage, since this is a great place to organize tools for easy access. But a pegboard will be perfect for a laundry room as well. Instead of keeping that ironing board on the floor, for example, you could just hang it on the pegboard. That will give you quite a bit more room to move around.

5. Create a Weekly Schedule

It can be frustrating to think you’ll finally be able to spend a relaxing day with no errands, only to realize there’s a pile of laundry you forgot about. One way to avoid this kind of unpleasant surprise will be to carve out one day each week as laundry day. If you have several children, you might need two laundry days each week.

6. Use the Space Between Your Machines

If you find it hard to maneuver in your laundry room, you’ll want to take advantage of every bit of space you have available. You might not have considered that area between the washer and dryer, but it might be large enough to use. There could be a lack of available space for shelving or a cabinet, for example, or the laundry room might double as your kids’ playroom. You might have your washer and dryer in the kitchen.

Whatever the case may be, you could very well have some space between the machines you could use for storage. Put a cart in that space where you keep your detergent, softener and whatever other things you need to take care of a load of clothes. Simply pull out the cart, take what you need, and slide it back.

7. Reorganize and Redesign Your Drawers

Folded laundry - Art of Drawers

Another great way to create space in your laundry room will be to take a good, hard look at your drawers. Are they a mess? Are you running out of storage space because your drawers are so full you couldn’t possibly fit anything else inside of them? If that’s the case, then it’s probably time to declutter and organize.

You might also want to consider adding pull-out drawers from Art of Drawers. They will serve as a perfect supplement to your cabinets, and make it much easier for you to keep your laundry room organized. Again, space is valuable – our pull-out drawers will help create much more of it.

With our pull-out drawers, you won’t ever have to worry about buying more detergent when you already have plenty, because you’ll be able to see exactly how much you have. Inserts will also make finding what you need much faster.

Art of Drawers can provide you with several other solutions that can help give your laundry room the makeover it needs. For example, our shelving products will be perfect if you have really high shelves, or there’s someone in your home with physical challenges. Pull-down shelves make it incredibly easy to access items that could otherwise be out of reach.

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These just scratch the surface of the many ways Art of Drawers can make your laundry room much more efficient, and much better organized. Instead of fumbling around trying to find what you need, or becoming frustrated because your laundry room is so cramped, put our solutions to use. You’ll soon find out that laundry day doesn’t have to be something you dread.

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